Welcome to Bay Head Elementary School!

The Bay Head School has been serving the academic needs of its students since the early 1900’s. From the original one room wooden schoolhouse to the brick building of today, the same high quality of education has been provided through the years. When comparing Bay Head’s standardized test scores such as the NJASK and PARCC, it is readily apparent that we continue to maintain high academic standards. In both 2013 and 2014, Bay Head School was named a Reward School for superior academic excellence by the New Jersey Department of Education.

The school’s philosophy reflects academic achievement and strong family values while keeping pace with technological advancements. With our full wireless internet service, interactive white board technologies, and one to one laptop program, we continue to design ways to bring curriculum learning and technology together to aid in the transfer of knowledge.

While incorporating technology into the learning process, our students are encouraged to expand their creativity, foster a greater tolerance for the diversity of our country, and develop an understanding of our ever-shrinking world and its challenges and possibilities.

Bay Head School promotes a family atmosphere for all students in its kindergarten through grade eight building and continues to afford opportunities of diversity to its students and teaches tolerance that diversity requires.