Bay Head Life Family Fun Activity

Bay Head Life Presents: Our 'Town Wide Eye Spy: 100 Acre Wood Edition.' In an effort to embrace 'Social Distancing' during this time and recognizing that our own 'cabin fever' will set in Bay Head Life has created this fun and easy town wide eye spy.

How it works:
Step 1: Reference the infographic and print the photos of  the 100 Acre Wood Characters.

Step 2:  Consult the infographic that matches each character to an activity. You will choose which Character you identify with that day.

Step 3: Cut out that character and hang it in your front window or on your front door. (if you are a family, you can hang one for each member of the family)

Step 4: As you go for walks or take a drive you can tally up and see how our community is banding together during this time as well as how they are choosing to spend their time!

Step 5: We would love to hear / see your posts about what you are seeing around town. Please tag us and #BayHeadLife as you participate in this fun, free, family friendly event. Stay Healthy everyone!
100 Acre Woods

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