Home and School BOXTOBERFEST Fundraiser

Our first fundraiser is upon us....Boxtoberfest! 
This is a simple 50/50 fundraiser. 
~ Each family (or each child if you are feeling ambitious) will be asked to sell out an entire October calendar. Each box will sell for $10 and there will be only one name per box. Please put the FULL NAME and PHONE NUMBER of the purchaser in each box. You will give a receipt (however you want to - mail, picture, in person) to the purchaser. If you sell out your calendar and would like to do another one, go for it! Please put YOUR CHILD'S NAME on top of each calendar they sell because their name will be put in a separate drawing for a $200 TARGET GIFT CARD. 
~ When you are finished selling out your calendar ($310), please give ONE check or cash along with your COMPLETED CALENDAR in an envelope with your child's name on it to Larissa Robinson, Jenny Kelber, Jen Paletchev, or Andrea Caruso. 
Deadline: October 30th 
~ Drawing: The LIVE drawing will take place on November 11th at 6:30 during the HSA meeting. Please check out our Facebook Event called BAY HEAD HSA BOXTOBERFEST.
~This will be a 2-Part drawing. 1st a date will be drawn (Ex: October 1st). 2nd - Everyone that had that chosen date will go into the Final Drawing to win the 50/50 money! 
~You do not need to be present to win (That's why we need the phone numbers!)
~PLEASE print out the calendar and tickets below and let the fun begin!