Board Of Education

Policies and Regulations for the Board of Education

The September 22, 2020 Bay Head Board of Education meeting will be held virtually.  Private session will take place first and end approximately 7:10 PM at which point the public portion will begin.  To participate in the meeting virtually, please email Patricia Christopher, SBA by 5 PM on Tuesday, September 22nd with your request.  You will be provided with an invitation to the meeting which will begin at approximately 7:10.  Please be patient if the meeting hasn't begun by that time.

Below you will find the minutes and budgets for Bay Head Elementary School, as discussed at our Board of Education meetings.

Board Minutes

BOE Members:
Mr. Benjamin Hinds, President
Mrs. Sandra Antognoli, Vice President
Mr. Barry Pearce
Mrs. Shannon Curtis
Mr. Eric Pritchard
Dr. Peter Morris, Superintendent
Mrs. Patricia Christopher, Business Administrator
Mr. Frank Camardo, Principal
Ms. Laurie Considine, Board Secretary
Bay Head School's Water Sampling Results for Lead Concentration