Faculty and Staff


Mr. Frank Camardo, M.Ed

K-8 Building Principal

E-Mail: camardo@bayheadschool.org

Remind Code: @sharkce

AnnMarie Wisliceny
Kindergarten Teacher


Caitlin Puglisi
Kindergarten Para Professional


June Monticello
First Grade Teacher


Remind Code: @tinysharks

Lauren Galarza
Second Grade Teacher

Website | E-Mail: galarza@bayheadschool.org
Remind Code: @galarza2


Suzanne Toohey

Second Grade Para Professional 



Melissa Kiss

Third Grade Teacher


Remind Code: @froglets3

Shane O’Connor

Fourth Grade Teacher


Heather Califano
Fifth Grade Teacher


Website | E-Mail: califano@bayheadschool.org
Remind Code: @c23f3

Alisa Baiata  

Fifth Grade Para Professional 



Lauren Bardsley

Sixth Grade Homeroom
Science 6,7,8 & Math 7 & 6


Website | E-Mail: lbardsley@bayheadschool.org
coming soon!

Elizabeth Fallivene
Seventh Grade Homeroom
Language Arts 6,7,8
Remind Codes:
6th grade: @6thbooks
7th grade: @bh7thbooks
8th grade: @8thbooks


Tom Kennedy
Eighth Grade Homeroom
Social Studies 6,7, & 8


Website | E-Mail: kennedy@bayheadschool.org
Remind Codes:
SS 6: @king-tut
SS7: @freedom4u2
SS8: @chivalry
Keith Murphy
Keith Murphy
Social Studies 5, 6,7, & 8


Website | E-Mail: kmurphy@bayheadschool.org
Google Classroom Codes:
5th Grade: 7neiq2b
6th Grade: cc3b735
7th Grade: 2mfeglr
8th Grade: sx6jl3e

Señor Urbano Venero

Spanish/World Language K-8


Donna Ray
Art Education K-8


Maria Wills
Curriculum & Instructional Coach K-8


Pre-Algebra/Algebra I Teacher


Website | E-Mail: wills@bayheadschool.org
Remind Code:
Pre-Algebra: @bhspre-alg
Algebra: @bhsalg18
William Speelman
Physical Education/Health K-8


Vincent Espinosa
General and Instrumental Music K-8


 Sheri Trainor
Administrative Secretary for Data and State Reporting


Jana Phelps
School Counselor
School Anti-Bullying Coordinator


 Michele Sierotko, RN, BSN
School Nurse


David Lewis
Remediation Support Teacher Grades 6-8 
Carolyn Meyer
BSI/Advanced Academics and Enrichment Grades K-5


Diane Peters
Resource Teacher


  School Resource Officers
E-Mail: sro@bayheadschool.org
 Officer Justin McLaughlin
E-Mail: jmclaughlin@bayheadschool.org


Officer Sean Hoffman
Laurie Considine
Board Secretary


Dr. Peter Morris
Chief School Administrator


Patricia Christopher
Business Administrator


 Trish Mullins
Office Assistant


Mark Bish
Facilities Manager



Ben Hinds

Board of Education- President


 Sandra Antognoli- Vice President 
Board of Education


  Barry Pearce
Board of Education


 Shannon Curtis
Board of Education


  Eric Pritchard
Board of Education