Health Office

Policies from the Health Office:
  • No medication will be given in school without a written order from a Physician.  You can find the "Permission to Medicate" form below that can be brought to the Physician to be filled out.  Any medication sent in to school must be in its original container.  This policy includes all over the counter medications.
  • If a student is diagnosed with a contagious illness, please notify Mrs. Sierotko immediately (732) 892-0668 x3201.  Refer to the following link to see the School Exclusion List which lists contagious illnesses and steps that must be followed when diagnosed:    NJDOH School Exclusion List
Vaccination Information:
Please see below for any Medical forms:
Please see below for any Athletic forms:
School Nurse:
Michele Sierotko, RN, BSN
732.892.0668 x3201
As the School Nurse of Bay Head School, I am dedicated to maintaining a healthy environment for all students and staff.  I believe in individualizing needs for each family and believe frequent communication is an important part of fulfilling those needs.  Please reach out to me at any time regarding health concerns for your child while at school or while at home.